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[Better than Zillow] Find out anything about Denver real estate - beyond the listings - using the best and most accurate tools used by REALTORS®. Get the whole picture.


Find the Value of a Property

​​​​​​​Zestimates have improved, but this program will keep you updated in great detail of your propoerty value and its factors. Available only through a licensed professional.

Search Real Estate

​​​​​​​You didn't think that REALTORS® use Zillow to search the market, did you? Here is the public version of what Denver brokers use.

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​​​​​​​This is the ONLY up-to-date search database for brand-new homes in Colorado! Today's homes may surprise you.


Our pholosophy: simplicy and transparency.

What is a Real Estate Guide? No, not the online or printed version! I’m speaking of that in human form. In my opinion, there are two categories of salespeople: A) The Guide and the B) The Quota Pusher. We have all had encounters with both of these people on several occasions. When most people hear the word “sales”, they cringe ever so slightly, thinking of being pressured into making an uncomfortable purchase that they will most likely regret later. Are you more likely to do business with A) or B)?

A guide is informative, honest, industry experts, and provide invaluable advice all to reach the goal of helping their client reach their end goal of making the best, most informed decision with confidence and ease. You tend to have a positive experience that is appreciated and often refer their friends and family to them so they may have the same experience, building a long-term relationship.

A classic Quota Pusher (or QP) has one goal and one goal only: to close as many deals as quickly as possible. They will say or do almost anything in order to get you to make a purchase all to reach their own sales quota. You are nothing more than a commission check to them and may feel that you have dollar signs written in permanent marker on your forehead. They live by the principle of overcoming any objection you might throw at them to counter their efforts.

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available ​​​​​​​SERVICES

Listing and Transaction Coordination
Derek Hedden, Realtor - REAL Broker LLC​​​​​​​​​​​​

Interested in selling your home with or without an agent? I will inform you of all of your options and be a resource of what will be the best decision for you. Whether it be full luxury service where everything is done without you lifting a finger to even pack or unpack your belongings, or if you decide to do it all on your own and just need an overview of the needed contracts.

Buyer's Agent

Derek Hedden, Realtor - REAL Broker LLC

Being predominately an agent who works on the listing side, it helps me function as a Buyer's Agent most of all. I know what today's seller wants and how to be a competitive buyer without offering beyond what is needed in the areas it counts most. An excellently coordinated deal is onoe where both sides feel as though their needs are being met.

Investment Consulting
DerekHedden, Realtor - REAL Broker LLC

Having been part of several investment deals, I've seen what happens when bad choices are made and how the massive headaches they cause could have so easily been avoided. Therefore, I've seen the huge payoffs that can be made by decisions made lead bassdon knowledge and not of emotions or greed.


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